Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Space censors Gary McKinnon song because it was too popular !


As you may know there is currently enormous pressure on the Uk government by the Bush admistration to extradite Gary McKinnon (famous NASA Ufo Hacker) to the USA.
With Gary's gaining popularity - The campaign to 'get' Gary is going at all lengths to discredit his name.

Recently Myspace (controlled by media magnet Rupert Murdoch) jumped on to the censorship bandwagon when they realised his song 'Only a Fool' made it to No 5 on their song charts..
 an extract from this site  explained what followed:

MySpace in America appears to have blocked a search on Gary McKinnons own song and video on My Space. They Deleted his last song and video on My Space after it got 360,000 hits within 48 hours and reached the top five in the Music Charts all within 48 hours.

Many people immediately complained to MySpace. In most cases there was no explanation. One person was told that "My Space" was working on the site" ....

Succumbing to the pressure of complaints Mypsace seems to have now allowed a new upload of the song to remain  (but the original was never restored) and as you can  clearly see below it does not have as many hits as the original upload - so what does this all mean guys ? - is this evidence of the media being manipulated by government pressure? Was Mr Murdoch not happy with Gary being promoted on Myspace?


Anonymous said...

Like to see that as Christmas No.1.

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nomadrush said...

Funny how Murdoch's newspaper The Sun can carry the FREE DEIRDRE RASHID campaign (she's a fictional soap charcater imprisoned on the show) and yet make no mention of the plight of Mr McKinnon! So much for the "free Press" huh?

Those who believe the extradition treaty to be unfair and one-sided can sign a petition on the 10 Downing Street website at

Whether or not you believe Gary to be guilty - he must at the very least be tired in the UK FIRST and only then may the USA apply for extradition if and when guilt is PROVEN!! As the USA have so far failed to show any evidence of the claims they are making against Gary.

Ross Hemsworth
Glastonbury Radio

Anonymous said...

Mm. That's difficult to say, Nomadrush. You're talking about a guy who was hacking into secure computers and obtaining secure information. They probably want to try him in the US because there are secrets the US is not willing to share in a foreign courtroom (and that doesn't necessarily mean alien secrets :P)

I suspect McKinnon's story was a red herring and that's he's pretty much a regular cyber criminal. The US is probably concerned he was hacking on behalf of an organization or group.

It's a special situation, for sure.. but if you think critically about it, it's not entirely surprising that the US would want to reel him in.