Monday, March 15, 2010

13th anniversary of Phoenix Lights

Saturday marks the 13th anniversary of the sighting of the "Phoenix Lights,". The phoenix lights were one of the most famous sightings in the 90's as they were witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix Arizona and the governor of the state came forward in 2007  on CNN saying the sightings were infact the sightings were real and he had to downplay it during that time during a press conference as it would have "caused mass panic". Read more about the anniversary from this article
New report:

It happened 13 years ago, March 13, 1997. Hundreds if not thousands of people called in to radio and TV stations to report something in the skies over Phoenix. 911 operators were swamped with calls, as well as Sky Harbor and Luke Air Force Base. That mystery in the sky would eventually be known as the Phoenix Lights, one of the most viewed UFO sightings of all time.
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Anonymous for now said...

The Phoenix lights , A diversion that worked.

Anonymous for now said...

This time period was during the high point of the economy , the Tv stations had many heilocopters and were going up to have a look at anything and every thing , none went up to have a look at the phoenix lights.

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