Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great cases From the Ufo History Files

Here are 3 great Ufo cases from the past which i recently came across:
UK Police Chase UFO Devon 196

UFOlogists still recall the famous Devon flying cross case of 1967 October 24 in which two police constables, Roger Willey and Clifford Waycott, chased an apparent UFO in their police car along country lanes at up to 90 mile/h in the early hours of the morning. It looked like a star-spangled cross radiating points of light from all angles, Constable Willey told the press. It was travelling about tree-top height over wooded countryside near Holsworthy, Devon. We drove towards it and it moved away. It then led us on a chase as if it was playing a game with us.

Aviation Pioneer 1931: June 10, afternoon, Tasman Sea. Sir Francis Chichester.
"A flashing airship" seen from Chichester's converted "Gypsy Moth" aircraft.

An Air Force RB-47, equipped with electronic countermeasures (ECM) gear and manned by six officers, was followed by an unidentified object for a distance of well over 700 miles, and for a time period of 1.5 hr., as it flew from Mississippi, through Louisiana and Texas and into Oklahoma.
The object was, at various times, seen visually by the cockpit crew as an intensely luminous light, followed by ground-radar and detected on ECM monitoring gear aboard the RB-47.
Of special interest in this case are several instances of simultaneous appearances and disappearances on all three of those physically distinct "channels," and rapidity of maneuvers beyond the prior experience of the aircrew.
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