Monday, March 15, 2010

Make a Visit the Hayden Planetarium Space Show - Solar storms

I was recently at the American Museum of Natural History's spectacular new Hayden Planetarium Space Show and i was highly impressed with the exhibit.

The Space show explains in detail the sun and the solar flares and effects on earth magentosphere. There were numerous impressive images taken from NASA's SOHO program presented in 3D layout (no there weren't any with those weird objects though!).

The shows explanation of the sun's interaction with earth is highly important for an understanding of what may happen during the 2012-13 solar storms. Although the exhibit doesn't extrapolate on the upcoming solar storms the show does explain in detail the complex interactions that the magnetic winds from the suns storms have with earth magentopshere. The show explains that without earth's shield, ie the magnetopshere earth would be bombared with strong electromagnetic energy which would destablise the planet and render electrical devices and communications useless.

So lets just hope  that the dismal predictions about the upcoming 2012-13 solar storms and the failure of the magnetosphere during this period are wrong!

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