Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lights over phoenix April 21 2008 - Not Flares ?

Lights over phoenix are now gaining media attention worldwide and with this more footage and rumours are spreading. Recently reports came in that the recent phoenix lights were one big hoax with some guy letting ballons out with flares attached to them. I am still not sure about this but i don't think ballons move in formation right, just check out the cnn video, these things look they are making formations What are your comments on this guys?
The CNN report indicates they are not flares - the lights made a specific formations and shapes and changes positions - (i mean can flares do this? - plus note there was no noises so there goes the plane towing ballons theory!):

Latest Great footage:

Dr. Lynee Kitei Examines Phoenix Lights 2008 and 1997 - very interesting she explains why they are not just flares

Another News report:
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Anonymous said...

Dude, the flares were attached to each other via fishing line. makes perfect sense. Hok line and sinker... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why are you still trying to pass this off as a possible ufo? It's all over the news that it was a hoax- the guy who did it has come forward, witnesses that saw him do it have been interviewed.....

It just makes the ufo "community" look stupid and gullible when these kind of things are perpetuated.

Love your site though!
(just not the bogus stuff that shows up from time to time)

Jcruzan said...

Years ago a friend and myself did something similar to this by tying green "Chem light Sticks" to a bunch of balloons. We tied them on a long string of wire and let them go, they also flew in what really surprised us as a believable formation. We were really impressed at how real it looked. I don't think we generated any UFO reports because we lived in such a small town I don't think anyone but us was awake at the time.

Anonymous said...

I agree, everyone now knows it was a hoax. But as many people say, the UFO community is so gullible that they want to turn everything into a sighting. This does make us look less credible.

I love the site too but we have to be careful not to look like we want it so bad that we will take anything that comes around the bend at face value without at least checking it out.

LEAX said...

Yeah if its hoax why FAA bans air traffic controllers to talk about it ? its just balloon, right ? comoon

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