Monday, May 06, 2013

Fireball Meteor UFO - West Islip, New York: 04/05/2013

Source: Mufon
I was with three friends of mine hanging out on the rooftop of an elementary school. As we were leaving, I realized I had forgotten something that I needed to go back for - across the top of the school. As I turned the corner of the building with my friends, we looked up to see a flaming object descending steeply diagonally toward us. I managed to say "what the #^%& is that?!" as all my friends looked up, and after about 10 seconds I grabbed my phone to capture a video. By the time i started recording - the craft / fireball had stopped flaming and had "leveled out" - leaving a trail of flames behind it much like a comet - however the flames did not "act" like fire - they seemed to be both shooting out the front and back of the craft & returning back to it... which is to say that fire wasn't coming "off" the craft, but being circulated around it. After flying straight & parallel to the ground with the "comet-like trail" the fire dimmed completely, then the craft flashed brightly once and then ascended back into the sky. Coincidentally - the Eta Aquarid meteor shower meteor shower started today. However I have never known a meteor to CONSCIOUSLY CHANGE COURSE. I should add that I did have the overwhelming feeling that was some sort of greeting - a tip-of-the-cap of a "what up?!" sort of friendly gesture. Also very strange that minutes earlier - i did write "Hi Aliens!" in the dew on top the rooftop metal equipment.
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Anonymous said...

I believe what you saw, I also believe you boys might have been smokin a blunt. I myself like to bake and stargaze

Anonymous said...

Where in WI were you at the time you saw this, also at what time? Thanks

osorio1027 said...

I saw this too but I was all way in floral park ny this happened approximately 3am it was falling slowly it was no shooting star.

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