Monday, May 06, 2013

UFO Lights On Palm Springs, California: 04/05/2013

Two strange parallel UFO lights seen over Palm Springs, California on the 4th May 2013:

Source: Mufon
I was outside this evening looking for my cat at approximately 8pm when I noticed a bright orange/red object low in the sky over Indian Canyons which was moving from the Southwest to the Northwest toward Palm Springs. After getting a better vantage point I noticed a second object which was some distance behind the first but at a slightly lower altitude. Both objects emitted the exact same fiery orange/red colors. As the objects moved slowly through the sky I lost sight of the second object as it dropped behind the San Jacinto Mountain. I then ran into the house to get a family member and after about 30 seconds inside came back outside and noticed that the second object had looped back around to the Southwest to about where I had first noticed it in the sky and it was once again moving toward Palm Springs. By this time the first object was high over the San Jacinto Mountain directly to my Southwest. Because of the distance between the two objects and the number of large palm trees in my yard I could only now focus on one object. So I watched the first object as it slowly moved over the San Jacinto Mountain toward the Northwest. After a couple of minutes my relative told me that the second object was no longer visible in the sky. And about a minute later I watched as the first object appeared to stop moving forward and slowly blinked out. 
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Anonymous said...

Are you seeing the unusual lights hovering over the tram mountain RIGHT NOW? Bizarre. They aree moving around, getting brighter then dim, appearing and disappearing. It initially looked like a HUGE football shaped object hovering over the mountain..about the size of doublewide mobile home. Now they are moving about. I know there is no road there so its not cars...looks like possible signalling to the sky? 430am to 5am 10-5-13 we live off ramon and sunrise. We come out at about the 4am hour daily to watch the nite sky. We have seen MANY unexplained objects in the sky. One day, we watched a light in the sky towards the east, about as bright as the tram light. We had family visiting , we were all watching this light in the sky bounce around in a very unnatural way, it moved up, down, side to side, zig this point my neighbor came out to watch too.we we all in awe and freaked [email protected] the same time. It moved at a very fast sspeed in different directions..the moment we pulled out the took off at a "light speed" and it disappeared into the sky with tracers behind it. It actually freaked us out.

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