Tuesday, June 08, 2010

FBI forced to steer clear of Cattle Mutilations

Ok while this news report is not supportative of the mutilation phenomenon it does reveal the 130-page file the FBI had on cattle mutliations,  (which you can read here) . The FBI was called to investigate because some senators considered the mutiliations a act of 'Federal and interstate criminal activity' (not sure if that implies government involvement?).
When the FBi stepped into investigate in mid 1970's there was major resistance on their part to do anything (eg"investigations limited to only 15 and it had to be on Indian reservations only"..) . Obviously there was pressure on them to drop investigations from a higher level .
Why else would it be 'beyond their jurisdiction' (the FBI is a federal organisation!)... and the fact that they would need  'congressional approval' or 'executive order' for further investigations just goes to show you that something much more was going on with the mutilations that involved the highest levels of government.
You can be sure the FBI knew 100% what was really going on here thus why they dropped out from the investigations and why they wanted them explained away as natural deaths when clearly surgical cuts were noted by farmers - not simply the work of scavengers or dogs.

A 130-page file reveals just how deep the Federal Bureau of Investigation probed into the cattle mutilation mystery that mystified cattle ranchers in New Mexico and a string of other states from the west coast to the Midwest.

Also you may be interested in this new article on Earthfiles about the Interesting case of a witness of one of these mutilations in progress:

"That cow was being dragged sideways somehow with its legs touching the ground. The cow's back was moving toward the weird, loud sound and the cow could not move its legs to get up.” 

Chacon, New Mexico carpenter, Larry Gardea, points at the wide ditch that he watched a cow “float over” toward a loud “arc welder torch” sound in trees beyond the ditch.

Where do most Cattle mutilations take place - well mid west USA between Colorado and New Mexico:
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