Saturday, June 12, 2010

Veritas Show Updates - James Fox - the media blackout on the Oil Spill

Veritas, my favorite Ufo and Exo-politics online radio show has interviewed so many great people over the last year - RealUfos wants to say well done Mel - Your lists of guests are impressive!

As you may note i have added the Veritas Radio player back to the blog because i consider it vital to listen to for everyone who wishes to remain aware. Plus its really interesting. You can select episodes by using the player.

With the mass media still good at pumping out 'what they want us to hear', Veritas remains an important avenue for the discussion on  Exo-politics, world events and Ufo activity. Mel gives an unbiased look at whats really going on, whilst not having an agenda or being fear based (unlike the rants of Alex Jones). Accurate information (the whole story) is the key to maintaining an open mind folks!.

On a recent episode of Veritas Ufo Documentary maker, James Fox who directed  Out of the Blue and 'I Know what i saw' gives us a disturbing report of the media blackout on the Gulf of mexico BP oil Spill :
"It looks like the Oil Companies have taken over the whole operation - people are getting arrested for just taking Photos "

Part 2

Is the US Government trying to top Oil Companies taking over the situation.. is there a power struggle? - why the SWAT teams?:
DHS Secretary Napolitano announced that this incident is of national significance and the Department of Interior has announced that they will be sending SWAT teams to the Gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs. Note: SWAT teams are a special group of law enforcement police trained to deal with unusually dangerous or violent situations, and having special weapons.....they aren't scientists or engineers..
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Push Back said...

Swat teams to oil rigs. . Swat teams to oil rigs. . So I am thinking about this , are you thinking about this , Swat teams to oil rigs.

Push Back said...

Did I here that right , swat teams to oil rigs

Anonymous said...

NOT sure about that, You can watch live feed of them trying to repair and cap the oil well so why black out the media and still show every thing they are or ARE NOT DOING down there.

The Veritas Show said...

Thanks Matt. You're a true partner.

Best always,

Mel Fabregas

Anonymous said...

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