Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Take time to check out the AlienScientist

I really enjoy watching the AlienScientists videos and highly suggest you check out his  youtube channel and new website, you might learn something. This guy thinks outside the square and takes a scientific look at Antigravity technology, propulsion physics and ideas that most scientists would prefer not to touch.

As mentioned in the below video, it is very true about the arrogance of scientists and physicists even today - if its not written in the textbooks from which they learnt, many scientists would still prefer to turn a blind eye then consider the possbilities that new groundbreaking devices actually work,  simply because they operate beyond their current means of understanding. 

Just as Galileo was persecuted by his peers for proving against common belief at the time that the earth was round and not flat, scientists today still  follow this 'pack mentality'. If theories aren't accepted by the mainstream then they are quickly rejected and ridiculed. Even if these devices work, if they aren't explained by current means then they are completely ignored as pseudoscience.  Most scientists would rather stick their heads in the sand and  remain with existing  theories than consider the possibility that new theories are possible... this is  a major downfall of evidence (a.k.a fear) based science and it reflects the height of human arrogance.. we aren't are smarter then our creator yet!

This downfall also allows for the control and suppression of development of alternate energy and propulsion devices - control of Information is powerful tool - those who control access to information (like buying up patents)  can essentially prevent scientific research and thus prevent eventual mainstream recognition of new scientific theories which delays progress and commercial development indefinitely. Rate this posting:

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