Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Australia's own Roswell - the Westall '66 UFO Incident

This documentary is big news down under at the moment!
After 44 years Australia's most well kept secret - the Westhall Ufo incident gets exposure on the sciFi Channel. Its Australia's own version of Roswell and most people outside Australia (let alone myself) have never heard anything about the amazing mass sighting.

Over a 200 witnesses saw a Ufo land and then takeoff over Westall Primary and Secondary School (Clayton South, Melbourne) on April 6, 1966 including school staff, teachers and students. They openly give their accounts of how the teachers were instructed to say nothing and government agents came into the school to talk to the staff. Its interesting to note that this is yet again another Ufo sighting that occurred near a school:

In 1966, in the Australian suburb of Westall, hundreds of students, teachers and local residents witnessed a UFO hover overhead for several minutes, land and take off again at incredible speed. Silenced by authorities at the time, and still angry about not being believed, they revisit the event as tenacious amateur sleuth Shane Ryan goes back to find an answer to the mystery. With an undercurrent of Cold War paranoia, and a burgeoning military alliance between Australia and America, their story has deep resonance in the current climate of cover-ups and lies delivered by governments in the interests of national security... (screening times here)
RealUfos wants to hear ASAP from witnesses of this event in Australia back in 1966 - please give your accounts and details of any photos as a reply to this post and as a discussion piece here on UfoEvolution forums.

Feature on Today Tonight:

SciFi World Premier trailer - the Westhall '66 incident- June 4 on sciFi:

Radio Interview about the documentary:
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Anonymous said...

fantastic! what is not to like about that? US government might be an inpenaterable barrier for releasing information but australia......? maybe with the recent popularity of this story the machine might start turning and something new might emerge about this event.

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