Wednesday, June 09, 2010



Both me and the designer have worked flat out on realUfos today!

The new quicker design has allowed me to add back in 2 requested parts of the site on the right sidebar:

1) The Veritas Radio Show player - who allows you to listen to the most recent shows from this outstanding online Ufo radio station  .
2) The streams from MUFON including the most recent personal Ufo reports submitted from around the world. I have included the brief descriptions with these reports (please advise if you would prefer titles of reports or descriptions as well?) You can scroll down and see more reports using this widget.
When you click on the titles of these reports it takes you to direct a map on the Ufo stalker website which shows you exactly where that report came from - handy hey!

Over and out!

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p said...

i like the new font much better. keep it!

Anonymous said...

awesome job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating this web site and keeping it running. Keep up the good work!

Martin said...

Looks very clean and professional. Good job!

Anonymous said...

much faster, I will visit more often. ty

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