Saturday, February 13, 2010

The sun and solar storms - keep an eye on this issue

From strange objects seen near the sun recently, to the 2012 solar storms and NASA
launching the Solar observatory yesterday, I am asking everyone to keep a very close eye on any news about the sun over the coming year... (please keep me updated if you have any news updates) .....there is more happening here than what we are being told.

You may remember early last year and even back in 2008 i did a post about the webbot predictions  forecasting alot of trouble with the sun as we approach 2012..well its only recently that alot of fuss is happening with the sun.

NASA revised their predictions that the peak of these solar storms will occur mid 2013 now. However NASA has failed to revise its warning that the coming solar storms will be the most powerful ever. During last year there was hardly any sun spot activity which is rare and unusual - many scientists believe it was' a calm before the storm'.

Keeping an eye on M+class and X+ Class solar flares is extremely important over the coming years .. and I am  assuming the new solar lab launched by NASA will assist in further studying these flares.. The earths magnetosphere or 'shield' is another cause for concern and I haven't heard much from NASA about what the consequences will be if this fails during the peak of the solar storms ...

Some posters have even commented that those objects seen near the sun recently may be trying to influence the sun so it doesn't negatively effect earth ... strange idea but who knows...

Keep your eyes to the skies (and news about Sun ) !

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