Friday, February 12, 2010

Bright orb Follows a Plane Alberta Canada February 10/2010

Orbs that follow planes are not new news - foo fighters have been aroud since the 50s .
In this new video an orb follows a plane - video taped at Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, February 10/2010
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Dickos Fortuna said...

This is totally a reflection. I think it is a good idea to ignore bad videos, even if there isn't any good ones getting shot at the time... Although I hate when this site goes quiet, on relfection (heh) no vids is better than bad vids...

Anonymous said...

Many people think UFO'S and Aliens are highly intelligent , well think this through. They follow planes over and over and over again , they go over the same area of ground over and over and over again , they like to play the game of hide and go seek. They fly the machines in erratic ways when there is no need to.

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