Saturday, February 13, 2010

Strange background flashes during NASA Sts 130 mission

Camera glitch or something UnKnown ? Nasa's Sts 130 mission captures weird flashes in spacde sts130 strange flashes Video Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

So what.

Anonymous said...

The flashes are UFO (space critters?) which move at an incredible speed, too fast for the human eye. However when you watch the video in slowmotion, frame by frame, you will see these strange UFO which are of the socalled third phenomenae. The third phenomenae has been investigated and described by Martyn Stubbs.
He classifies UFO in 3 types: 1) the visible UFO, 2) the UFO visible in the UV spectrum (e.g. STS75 Tether mission or better known as the Dropa UFO), and last but not least, type 3) UFO of the third phenomenae, fast moving UFO only visible when viewed in slow-motion of 1/60 of a second. Interesting is that NASA no longer tries to hide the captures of UFO.

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