Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Richard Dolan on The Veritas Show: UFO History - February 12, 2010

This is another appearance by renowned and respected author, researcher and UFO historian, Richard Dolan. Richard discussed his newest publication: UFOs and The National Security State - Volume 2,
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Anonymous said...

Jibber Jabber and more Jibber Jabber. Talk less and do more more.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe that we have sucessfully back engineered alien technology. From all the reliable witnesses who have gotten close to these things,it is obvious that they are faaarr beyond us, in terms of technology! So far beyond us, that we will not be able to understand the tech, except maybe on an extremely rudimentary basis.In other words, we know what the machine does, what its purpose is, but thats it! Im sorry to rain on peoples parade but Townsend Browns Electrogravidics, wont cut it here my friends.The technology weve been hearing about, is by definition a time traveling multi dimensional technology, which even negates the idea of the visitors having a set origin,ie, they come from another planet etc, but I wont argue semantics here. The fact is, we dont have what they have,full stop. We might have some fancy shmancy aircraft out there which may even utilise Electrogravidics but what "they" have, is beyond all that, and you can take that to the bank!And if what the rendlesham witnesses repot about them being 50,000 years from the future is true, you can bet we wont be understanding that tech any time soon either!!You may as well give a desktop computer to an amoeba and ask it to figure it out. Never mind that the amoeba cant even conceive of what the desktop does, let alone be able to build its own version of the same thing. In fact, I think they are here because they now have the technology to engineer the timeline into the future and they have probably engineered much of the past as well!!Now smoke on that one for a while and see where that takes you. The whole worlds a stage my friends, and they are the men behind the curtain!!

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