Monday, February 08, 2010

UFO Patents - evidence private industry knows Ufos are real ?

Many people in the Ufo community say you only have to look at the patents taken out on advanced propulsion to know that private industry takes ufo seriously.

Infact, alot of my readers would be shocked to know that on a daily basis this site repeatedly gets hits from boeing, NASA, JPL , lockheead and many private aeropsace companies. Its not uncommon for ufologists as well to get enquires for further information on UFO sightings from these aerospace companies.

Many of these 'private companies' are really outsourced arms of the US military who are attempting to improve the speed and capability of their current aifcraft through research. When private industry is putting billions into patents and research on Ufo-like technology you can bet the phenomenon is real and back enegineering is in progress.
Its a strategic advantage to any military to have the fastest craft and essential for future space travel.
The commercial implications of this are huge as well - I mean Imagine if we could replace passenger airplanes with something much more fuel efficient and faster - this will mean big money for these companies in the future.

Here is some evidence from patents obtained by private companies over the last 50 years . It is startling that this Ufo patent rush started exactly after 1947 ( does roswell ring a bell anyone? ). These UFO patents are in the public domain and cover UFO sightings, including propulsion 60 times more powerful than rockets, glowing spheres in the sky, and the lay-person explanation of electrogravitic propulsion:
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Push Back said...

Push Back. Who ever it belongs to , no matter who or what it is , Push Back. Don't stand there pointing and making noises. Push Back. Even a bird or a lizard will Push Back the best that they can. What will you do ???

Roberto said...

HOLA AMIGOS : Deseo compartir con ustedes ,esta foto tomada de un OVNI, durante mis vacaciones en Villa Giardino (CÓRDOBA ,ARGENTINA) el 11 de Enero del 2006 a las 11:21 AM ,con una cámara digital Canon A-95 (5 mpixel) en modo automático. . Muchas gracias.


pro duo said...

I mean Imagine if we could replace passenger airplanes with something much more fuel efficient and faster..

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