Friday, February 12, 2010

Breaking news - Australian government to filter all Youtube videos ! - mass censorship

Urgent call to Action for all Australians - tell your friends and family about this urgent issue now , please spread the word:

Something utterly terrible is happening in Australia right now and everyone worldwide needs to know about this -  We are seeing a democratic country essentially losing the right to free speech.

The Australian public doesn't understand how dangerous this new internet filter will be , please I'm asking all Australians to write letters to your federal ministers now  and join this facebook protest.. our country is going to turn out just like China with freedom of speech something of the past ... nothing on the web will be censor free .. and remember how I said they would extend this filter well I was right - now youtube will be fully filtered and videos will be censored by the government  - its the beginning of the end.. we must stop this now!.  

I mean it was only today that i heard on CNN that Iran manipulated the web using its internet filtering to stop its people hearing about protests  .. For state run countries like Iran and China i guess you would expect the governments to pull something like this but for a democratic country like Australia to roll this out its a  disgrace!.

Google was shocked and angrily rejected the Australian governments call to filter all videos on youtube, things like euthanasia,  graffiti and anything deemed illegal activities by the Australian government will no longer be allowed on youtube - i was shocked to hear this too.

Here's the response from Google:
GOOGLE has angrily rejected a call from the Australia government to filter YouTube videos, after the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, said if the search engine could censor material for China, it should do the same in Australia.

Google Australia head of policy Iarla Flynn said in a statement the company questions the government's proposal to block content that is refused classification.

"YouTube has clear policies about what content is not allowed, for example hate speech and [ornography and we enforce these, but we can't give any assurance that we would voluntarily remove all Refused Classification (RC) content from YouTube."

"The scope of RC is simply too broad and can raise genuine questions about restrictions on access to information. RC includes the grey realms of material instructing in any crime from graffiti to politically controversial crimes such as euthanasia and exposing these topics to public debate is vital for democracy."

 In an interview with the ABC's 
Hungry Beast show on Wednesday night, Senator Conroy said applying filters to high-traffic sites such as YouTube would slow down the internet, ''so we're currently in discussions with Google about … how we can work this through''.

''What we're saying is, well in Australia, these are our laws and we'd like you to apply our laws,'' he said. ''Google at the moment filters an enormous amount of material on behalf of the Chinese government; they filter an enormous amount of material on behalf of the Thai government.'' 

So why not apply China's filtering style for the Australian government - he is essentially getting at!  article source

Please note to all our US and UK friends if this law passes and filtering is successfuly passed
down under you can expect this coming your way.....

Why people worldwide should be concerned about this ?
Australia being a smaller first world nation has recently been a test case for many multinational and governments worldwide - essentially all eyes are on Australia at the moment . Recent cases include ebay testing its failed forced paypal only payment system,  the film companies packing together to sue IInet an ISP for allowing movie torrents and the TGA (like the FDA) a few years ago implementing the codex reforms indirectly via a fear campaign against vitamins with the PAN scandal (for which the government was sued for handling incorrectly years later on).

The public needs to stand up otherwise  bureaucracy and corporations win with their agendas in the end!
Protest here and join the facebook protest
Also go to this site:

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

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Anonymous said...

they go with the old world bye bye

Anonymous said...

You Tube is not the only means of communacation. The ass holes of the world bring censorship on them selfs and every one else. The ass holes of the world are held up as heros and the government are the bad guys.

Anonymous said...

jezus, something happening, this just for starters, i think the
big picture off all this will be something much biger and bader, people needs go in streets and demand against it, now or never, i know thath australians do not like thath, but you have to know, that you are stronger than a gowernments, they have to work for your good but no they dont give a damne shit, so show them who is in charge her.

Anonymous said...

This from the same country who rounded up evrybodys guns and murdered Rodney Ansell the real "Crocodile Dundee" who wouldnt give his up!!! screw all u socialists

Anonymous said...

Its full of deadly critters and surrounded by big sharks anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

"Its full of deadly critters and surrounded by big sharks anyway"

To the person who wrote that retared comment.. you have no idea. WAKE THE HELL UP. It starts here in Australia but it's coming YOUR WAY TOO!! They are censoring the internet to stop the spread of information!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are seeing a democratic country essentially losing the right to free speech.

Ah Wrong. There is no right to free speech within Australia.

And no, I don't agree with the filter plans, however, by spreading false comments around it does not help either side.

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