Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ufo over Sao Paulo, Brazil - 12-28-09

In Brazil it never ceases to surprise me how many people see Ufos!. So many people have told me about their sightings there and it seems like there may be some vortex (like near mexico city) that attracts the objects. (please reply  if you have had  sighting there) Here is a new report from Sao Paulo:

This photo was taken in Campinas - SP, on 12/28/09 at approximately 1:15 AM, was by me 3 more people (my wife and a couple of friends) on the road from Campinas, Jaguariuna, when we saw a very bright light right in front (like a plane), and shortly after we entered the Alphaville condominium and climbed high on the neighborhood where the light started to blink.

The object seemed to stand still for about 3 minutes. I took this photograph with my Iphone, and the most intriguing thing is that we saw all a red border, but only the white light shows up because I imagine that the distance that the object was of us was up 3 km away.

After the photos, we went home still seeing some strange things happening in the sky until late at night (also recorded with the Iphone 2 Minutes and 5 seconds of video.
Author of Images: Robert P Filho - Source

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Colon Flush said...

Interesting. I never heard about lots of sightings in Brazil. Always thought they came from the US and Russia.

Push Back said...

HAND HELD 20 Million Candle Power Lights are available to buy on the internet , do not cost much money. It is Ok to direct more then one of these lights on the UFO at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Always thought they came from the US and Russia. ///// You must have stumbled over the UFO information 1 second ago. Its a real head shaker , the closed off world that the humans live in. The humans are not ready for contact , not even with each other.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. People that were born and raised in the state of Colorado , USA . Think that there is no life out side of the Colorado borders. You think I am telling a lie. I am not , there really are coloradens that believe this.

Anonymous said...

I can not be surpriced about anything when it comes to americans.
So i believe u.

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