Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Sunspots Could Trigger Large Solar Flares & damage earth

Following my post on the sun a reader submitted this important article:

Astronomers announce the discovery of a new, active group of sunspots on the surface of our star, after a period of a couple of years in which the celestial body has been unusually quiet. The Sun usually functions in 11-year-long cycles, but it would appear that the last one has yet to pick up in speed and intensity, as expected. Now, the sunspot group 1045 is apparently capable of producing M-class solar flares, which are relatively harmless to our planet. But experts warn that the more dangerous X-class emissions could be on their way too.

X-class solar flares are extremely dangerous for our planet. They can pierce through the magnetosphere – the layer of our atmosphere that usually protects us from such effects – and reach the surface of the planet. Once through the atmosphere, they can easily fry electrical generators and power grids, essentially leaving us in the dark. In addition, they can also destroy satellites in the Earth's orbit, and can pose a significant threat to the health of astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS), who are flying above the magnetosphere. Therefore, knowing in advance that this type of solar flares may form could help save lives, and avoid losing billions of dollars, Space reports.

According to Space, sunspots can be likened to soda bottle caps. They represent areas that are cooler than their surrounding, but that also experience a more intense magnetic activity. When the underlying layers are stirred sufficiently enough, the cap is blown, and a solar flare occurs. Often, this display of energy is associated with the emission of clouds of charged particles, called a coronal mass ejection. Sunspots of the intensity seen in 1045 usually produce M-class solar flares, but scientists at the US Space Weather Prediction Center warn that the X-class type – the most powerful ever observed – is also possible from this configuration.

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tTruth Seeker said...

Dear Tudor Vieru
To know for sure the x-class type of solar flares can cause costly damage, there should be examples at hand. Could you please forward me information were electrical generators and power grids have been fried,names of astronauts who have suffered health complications,and a list of satellites that have been destroyed.
Yours Sincerely Peter

Anonymous said...

Very good. This is the best news , lets get it on , the last days are my desire.

Anonymous said...

Definitely scared of violent flares, but to be perfectly honest, a good X-class flare to disrupt some electrical systems on Earth would be welcome (for me). In a world that relies too much on bits and bytes rather than cogs and machinery - I couldn't care. There is no marvel left, just a thin skin that can be pierced with devestating effects thanks to the cosmos all year round. The demise of Concorde has caused reverse technology, and hopefully some X-class flares will do the same. But then, I have little faith in the digital world - there is no fun or beauty it in whatsoever. Here's to the Sun awkening everyday joe bloggs to that too.

Anonymous said...

Good lets get with it. I look forward every day for world wide distruction. What I am saying is 100% the truth. Lets do it.

Anonymous said...

You people on this planet are so behind the times, In a way I am glad that they havn't worked out what the sun really can do. Judging by what you humans are like in destroying your own world. You all would have no right to visit other worlds. Locusts, that's all humans are. Destroy every thing green. Your not even capable of looking after your own world, and will never be welcome on other's, until you can prove you can change.

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