Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weird lights in Rio

May i remind you all it is close to carnivale in rio - party lights or something really special here?
Locals in Brazil (RIO DE JANIERO) witness a beauiful scout ship emitting blue and red lights around the craft.
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Anonymous said...

Completely silent. Camera is at least detecting a good few hundred feet in audio, probably same in picture - so very interesting :)

Push Back said...

It is Ok to hold the camera still with something , like a tree or a fence or an other person or something that does not move. On internet are Hand Held 20,000,000 , 20 million candle power lights. It is Ok to shine more then one of these lights on the UFO'S and the Aliens. It is Ok to read my posts in the forum discussion and else where on Realufo's. These lights have So Much Power that you can also use them to wake the dead ! Push Back

Anonymous said...

As part of the on going cover up , Yes please put Screaming Rock Music or Grunting Rap with this video.

Anonymous said...

G.F.O.L. Galactic Federation Of Light Golf = Galactic Of Light Federation

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