Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bright Ufo orb reported over stoneham Quebec Canada

To be honest this 'orb' over the mountain village of stoneham Quebec could be anything:
Poster comments: Quebec - February 14, 2012 - During a walk with my dog ​​I noticed this white ball that crossed the horizon. Do you know what that maybe?
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J. Hughes said...

I just typed my comment but someone/thing evidently did not like what I typed and everything I typed vanished...???????? Anyhow I did see a very bright white object that traveled from south to north at about 9 pm EDT, I watched it for about a minute and a half, then it just vanished or turned off. It made no sound and it had no blinking lights at all. Roughly it appeared to be at about 5,000 ft in the air

chrissy said...

i am french so i dont know but is there an airport nearby????

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