Sunday, February 12, 2012

Seattle Ufo sighting Monday, 6th February 2012.

Did anyone else see this ufo over Seattle?
Filmed on Monday, 6th February 2012.
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Anonymous said...

No sound on videos. No sound button> Gent

Anonymous said...

they look like lanterns to me .

Anonymous said...

I saw.

Outdoor Guy said...

Had the same experience last summer (Aug 21) in Whitefish MT. Same orange balls and triangle. It was also seen 2 weeks prior to my viewing. Made no sound.
I have a iPhone vid that is real low quality. I know. Thanks for posting.

Nissa said...

We saw the same site around this date (a few days prior, I believe) in Phoenix AZ. My husband, the sceptic saw the lights first. He was amazed how they stayed in that formation and just hovered for quite some time..
Great capture!

Anonymous said...

December 10 2012. Witnessed a strange object in the northern sky in the bothell Washington area. Object would merge stop and move forward again then hover. Red and blue lights. Triangular shaped. Never seen anything like this begore

Anonymous said...

Saw a similar light over Beacon Hill in Seattle on Feb 14.

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