Monday, February 13, 2012

Spectacular UFO over Oregon

A very interesting ufo video here submitted by a reader over Oregon.
Could it have been the experimental TR3-B?

Although this video is not as smooth a filming sequence as compared to past videos because of the excitement, nonetheless this UFO flyover is exceptional after weeks of few displays. There was heavy cloud cover tonight but in one location above there was a wide gap of open clear sky. I was about to continue on to the normal sighting spot but took another few seconds to peer in the opening and that's when the object moved into view. The gear was quickly unpacked and the cam was powered up as the object came overhead. It moves left to right and appears to slow in speed before moving out of view. Rate this posting:


Eagleheart said...

Maybe man made experimental craft.
Hard to imagine Extraterrestial craft to have blinking light.

Nice video though & good to have 1080 quality.



Greg St. Pierre said...

Very interesting as the lighting is clearly not FAA approved and I heard no sound.

Anonymous said...

What are the FAA rules for lights on UFO,s??

Anonymous said...

LOL Anonymous!

Probably the same FAA rule,for "95%of them.":)

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