Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reader Ufo Personal Sightings february 2012

Here are a few new ufo reports in submitted by our readers for february 2012.
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Las Vegas
It was sunday evening in las vegas i was looking out my bedroom window and saw the most unbeleivable groups of red lights in the sky i was facing west the lights traveled southward it was app 8 pm and I woke my wife to witness this amazing sight has anyone else seen these? f

Houston, Texas
2/6/12: 9:17pm Houston, TX: Large hazy light-blue ball of light heading South-west. Appeared out of nowhere shot across the sky the distance of a finger held up to the sky. Ball was not defined but the size of an orange (vs. pinprick of light like other meteor showers, etc..) This was like no other meteor I have seen...no traces before or after light ball, no planes. Very strange.

England Coventry
A circling UFO going miles round red and whitie orange 4 very large circles and then it did a fly by it flyed directly towards us very very near then continued its circle at the tremendous speed it had been going at. England Coventry Stretton Under-fosse Revel Prison College drive

Concord California
Last night at about 8:30, I heard a guy out front of my house talking loud so I went out to investigate. When I got outside it was just a guy on his phone walking his dog. But when I walked out I noticed a bright orange light in the northwest sky. So I watched it for about ten minutes, it was moving up down left right. But not moving very far at the time, and then it started to fly off into the northwest direction. I got iPhone video, but we all know how that goes. Thanks. John B. Concord, CA. Rate this posting:

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