Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Four meter tall ET makes Italian news !

The news of a 4 meter high ET waling the streets in Italy is making big news over there:

Witness Leonard D'Andrea, worker Codroipo to Caffaro, who was driving his car when, while visiting the Napoleon of the new roundabout at Mortlake, was forced to stop.

"I noticed the cars stopped, I queued - says D'Andrea - I thought at the time of an accident. But when I fell, I noticed that there was three cars in front of a strange creature that walked along the road. It was about four meters high and was silent. "

D'Andrea wanted to tell my father, but the phones were not working, there was no field. Then took the torch and lit the gray creature, noting that her legs were slightly bent forward with the back formed by a sort of very large tendons. "While the illuminavo, noted that the head had a round shape and ending in a conical shape. This creature "walked" on the road, not caring at all the cars stopped and people - reminiscent of Andrea - In front of me was a Mazda with a family. The mother took the two children hiding behind the seats, while two girls behind me wanted to call 113 but the phone did not go. "

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Anonymous said...

It was a domestic argument , one alien got out of the craft and went for a walk.

Anonymous said...

The tale is getting taller, people!

I thought the Russians, had the record of ET, at 9FT.

but 4 meters!?

I need a beer!...did anyone stop to say..Hi!! or was every one too busy calling up 113 on a system that was probably overloaded, and you can see why!?

Hell! he just stepped out of the Pub,feeling 12ft tall because he just got a date for the night!

4 meters tall?:[ your under arrest for disturbing the peace, yeah!:)

Anonymous said...

pic or it didnt happen

Anonymous said...

Is there an actual news source for this story from an Italian news agency? I can't seem to find one anywhere...

Anonymous said...

Well I am be gone dog~! A 12' ET walking with the side of a road. People hiding back the seats of their auto's.
Al-l-l-righty then~!
Sorry but I have to ask, "Where's the Beef~?
For that matter, Where's the translator~?

Anonymous said...

Show us more than one source, if this is really MAKING BIG NEWS as you claim.

skahooch21 said...

This reminds me of the movie "Signs" when the alien start showing themselves!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a report from August 2011?

Anonymous said...

Hi, google translation gives the idea. I am italian , so I am following the episode on italians sites(living in Mexico by the way). I think it worth to add that , according to the witness, his phone was completly useless so he was not able to even use its built-in camera,and he reported same situation for the other people present at the scene.
Also there is another witness saying that around 22:30 he saw a "really tall man" wandering in his fields;the witnees possess a ostrich breeding near his home (as many other exists in that area), it was when he noticed the main gate of the breeding being open that he also noticed the strange creature; considering the "really tall man" responsible of the gate opening , he try to call the police but his land-phone was completly mute (however his internet connection was working correctly). the man says it is pretty sure he was not confusing the "really tall man" with a ostrich (as many believe, even for the sighting near the road)since he is pretty familiar with those animals. I will post more updates if something new will happen. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If a creature were that long and still be a dipod, it has to have developed on a low-g world. Why a low-g-world alien would take a hike here?

Anonymous said...

Why do we think we r all that is out here in space?WHY!because we are learners and we have learned well!our reality fake because it's full of man made shit!the need to be ALPHA!! It's exactly what makes us controllable the need to be stronger and when your the strongest in jungle like a lion you think you rule and then you meet men..this is where it's get difficult the lion attacks the man what ?he doesn't know I'm the king in this jungle? The lion loses this battle, now he doesn't want his pride to know he loss the battle. So ....HE TELLS STOIRIES!!!u know just to make it feel better;)!

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