Friday, February 17, 2012

Ufo orbs over Georgetown Texas 15th Feb 2012

Did anyone else see these ufos over GeorgeTown in Texas?

Mufon report:
It's around 7pm 2-15-12 went out back looked up into the as always since my stargazing hobbie got very exciting 10 months ago i believe was my 1st sighting & wasn't my last.
Iam out back looked up northwest saw this formation of stars in sky (seen before) and underneath it is a very huge glowing and flikering bright red blue orange star-like object so i set up camera again to capture it & it started to fly up never did that before.I looked around notice above me there was 2 of them flying across the the sky at a very fast and unusual way trying to capture it on video there were too fast,gone.I attempted to record the run away star-like object as i was doing that i i noticed another flying object maybe 20ft from roof top heading in my direction i looked behind me there was another one & the next thing i saw on the right side coming huge bright red and blue lights & flew by it was between my house and the neighbors house it had humming sound i told my boyfriend it looked like a huge potato with strange looking lights on it very strange it was just 10-20 ft above roof top if not closer.Never seen anything like it.At this point i stopped recording because i felt like they knew was recording them a didn't like it.That was my feeling.So go to my front porch sat there and watch COUPLE MORE passing by.I go to brothers house across town told him what i saw so he comes outside w/me and they were everywhere explainable flying very low objects some stop and hoovered around.I'am at my brothers house telling him what I've seen already at my house so i took him outside to let him see for himself,they were everywhere more than i saw at my it was crazy.So i decided to stay a little longer to see what i can catch on video i realized they just kept coming what seems like around me like if they didn't want me recording them so i stop went inside for sec then went back outside i told myself iam tripping so i continued to record i sat on porch i'am on second floor is i noticed this huge bright object coming up right behind this huge tree that sits on neighbors side as i looked thru the camera i realized it wasn't just one it had buddies this thing wasn't far from me just next door behind big tree i freaked out cause as i watching this thing at 1st i had heard humming sound then nothing and one min it was huge bright weird shape object then red then gone then it appeared again at one point i heard that humming sound again like it was about to take off.Well that freaked the hell out of me i ran inside told my brother what had happened we went back outside w/camera in hand and as i looked thru the camera i noticed this strange object and decided to zoom in on it to get a better look and that is what this video is so you tell me what u think it is remember iam on second floor.
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Anonymous said...

thanks god you work as a writer (I hope..), your description is a non - sense, all confused, no past tense, just word without a connection. after reading you expect to see hundreds of lights going around like crazy... in reality there are 2 still in the sky and something violet can be anything... where are the other videos you took before this one? why the video isn't longer? why just a glimpse of the violet stuff which may be the most interesting thing to record?

Anonymous said...

you may have seen something but you should come down off the acid before you try to describe it in makes no sense.

diane star said...

i'am so sorry bout that i was so freaked after seeing that i couldn't speak nor type obviously. so sorry! i re wrote it.

diane star said...

Iam sorry i re wrote it i was so freaked after shooting that video i was out of my head

melgar said...

The first anonymous post complaining about her read your post bc you apparently are illiterate just as you complained about the original poster! This is to share sightings, not to be rude and attack ppl. If you can't say anything nice then shut the hell up! Better yet, don't even read the posts!

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