Monday, February 13, 2012

Japan Airlines Flight 1628 UFO incident

This ufo incident is one of my favorites:
Japan Airlines Flight JAL 1628 - from Ufo Flight Black box documentary:
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Anonymous said...

Yes! all credit,to all the Pilots
for keeping their cool. Just imagine them quietly freaking out,while something "SO BIG" is lurking around outside,all over the
place,around the plane.

A Pilot holds alot of responsibility, and nerve!
I think the Japanese Pilot, did well!...all of them really,to stay
so calm cool & collected, in the face of something out of the ordinary...THAT doesn't happen every day!...did he sleep ok that night?:) or :/ I mean, what might have bean on his mind, after an experience like that?.....

What the*#?....Why?..Who?..Where from?..I'm still here! Who would believe this? Could this happen again? and so on.......

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