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Brazils Ufo files released + piecing together a Ufo theory for the Airfrance Airbus disappearance

Ok this is purely hypothetical .. I am not implying anything directly but just think about the points below - is this substantial evidence for a Ufo incident to be considered as a reason for the planes disappearance?:

1) AirBus A330 reported much more electrically sensitive than other planes (fly by the wire & computer systems), previous incidents this year with Qantas concludes electrical Interference a major problem. The qantas incident happened over Exmouth in Western Australia which is a Ufo hotspot

2) 56 Pilot reports reveal Ufos have electromagnetic effects on planes

3) Major Ufo reports over ITATA , Fortaleza reveal Ufo Vortex near the Airbus crash zone in Fernando de Noronha reveal many Ufo craft reportedly coming from mountain ranges, many reports in March and April 2009

4) Ufo report in ITATA reveals Ufos ruined car electrics and GPS

5) Another Airbus A330 Pilot comes forward saying over Atlantic his Airbus was chased by Ufos late 2008

6) Intense flash of white light seen by Spanish pilots as airbus went missing

Looking at the map ... Ufo hotspots of ITATA Fortaleza and the islands of Fernando de Noronha where the Airbus reportedly vanished:
Brazil is a major spot for Ufo activity in the world - Is it no co-incidence that the Brazillian government also released many Ufo files back in May?:

As of May 04th, Brazilian Government has disclosed over 600 new pages of previously classified documents, covering UFO reports and military investigations from 1970 to 1979, including photos and films, for the first time.

The content of this material has now been examined and proved to be very interesting and revelatory of Brazilian official strategy to cover UFO cases, often openly regarded as "from external sources" in these new documents, meaning from outside Earth. The cases covered and the methods used to investigate them by the military are also very significant.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent job, Matt. Thanks to your tireless effort at giving information to us.

markymint said...

Good stuff, and also the correlation between this and the web-bots predicting people would be "dissapearing" under mysterious circumstances would be a good angle to explore. Seriously, even if there was a flash and a downward streak of *something*, a plane from 44000ft is going to break up and leave a mark on the ocean floor. They did *not* ditch safely if they moved vertically and dissapeared within a matter of 6 seconds, and surely not without some kind of material evidence.

Alternatively, there *is* a suspicion I'm having about a possible meteorite hit here. If it was that bad it could be absolute obliteration in the middle of the air, surely. The rock itself is going to be instense in size and heat or cold or whatever they are. I've seen some amazing meteorites lately, absolutely stunning - and they seem to be closer to earth. We've seen YouTube vids of meteors *extremely* close to earth not so long ago - suggesting maybe they really are penetrating our atmosphere somewhat more dangerously than before.

Because they found no evidence, and what went from a seat went to a pallette of wood - is ridiculous, but still very mysterious. The intensity of the storms in the area at the time and the electronic faults make me inclined to believe there's something extra-terrestrial going on here. I'm UTTERLY surprised that if the computer is sending these alerts out for several minutes, why the hell hadn't someone somewhere picked them up & raised the alarm with the cabin crew themselves? It's almost shameful. If it was an in-air disaster then I think that factor was grossly overlooked & someone on the recieving end for those few minutes should be fired. If this is a case of UFO, ET, what-not - perhaps there's an indication there of what was really going on in the last minute. Time loss, vortexes -- until they find evidence, I'm still happy to speculate the fact they're all in another dimension, safe & well.

I'd also like to stress the recent news article about a professor that believed the earth was saved back at Tunguska by a UFO "sacrificing" itself to a meteor. This is fresh news, that you covered not so long ago. What if we've seen the ultimate reversal here? There is a massive amount of co-incidence going on at the moment, with a hint of it being something more than that. No fate but what you make ;) It's all speculation but hey, life'd be boring if we didn't!

Anyway, keep up the interesting blogging! Peace

PS: I'm surprised that if crop circles are genuinly ET, and ETs can manipulate time & space - why they haven't shown us the answer to the dissapearence of Flight 447, and given us all some secret advice that isn't related to the sun for once! :p The latest UK crop circle does suggest a propeller, why can't they just make it blindingly obvious to a laymen once in a while! :D

Michal Sobczyk said...

Markymint, your website is being blocked by Firefox.

Anyways, I haven't heard about web bots till now but I looked up the website of the company that owns that technology and there it says:
"Be advised that these reports are prepared for entertainment purposes only (...)"

...which means it's not science.

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