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Ufo Vortex at Fortaleza right Near AirBus A330 crash site at Fernando de Noronha

This is astonishing information has been revealed to me and i would like to forward onto you all.

Near where airbus A330 flight 447 crashed Fernando de Noronha there is a well known Ufo Vortex in the Brazllian city of Fortaleza (see image below). Sightings in these areas have revealed numerous craft over the past few months which have also had such severe electrical interference that they have disabled a cars engine and GPS device. .. the connection between these sightings and the AirBus crash can no longer be ignored .. the electrically sensistive computers on the Airbus A330 may have effected by such unexpected interferance further below

Você vive no Nordeste do Brasil e de ter visto um ovni (objeto voador não identificado) Envie um e-mail-me os seus relatórios e imagens. Muitas pessoas relata Discos voadores provenientes de zonas de montanha no momento

Note below information comes from here:

Last year I wrote extensively about another Airbus 330 that experienced electrical failure in what I believed to be a UFO hot spot. (Its seems that this plane in particular is highly prone to electrical interferrance considering its flyby the wire technology & highly automated computer controlled systems).

Earlier this year I wrote an article about two UFO sightings in Brazil. One sighting, which occurred near Fortaleza received a surprising number of government emails. A number of correspondents specifically asked if I had phone number of Mr Nilton Novaes, who photographed the UFO. The article also noted that the disc-like UFOs involved in the Urubici sighting caused electrical failure in the car belonging to the witness, who also managed to get photographs. (below)

Below extract from this article posted 30th May 2009 by AllNewsweb about Ufos at Fortaleza:

In my conclusion that a vortex entrance, that visiting 'unmanned' UFOs come through, exists in a mountainous region of Brazil, possibly near Fortaleza.

Government agencies are currently in Fortaleza looking for UFOs and the photo taken by Nilton Noveas (below) might well be the first government certified picture of an alien craft you have ever seen.

Unmanned surveillance discs that are about a meter in diameter are travelling to earth using some kind of vortex or set trajectory. The exit of this vortex moves around earth from time to time but currently appears to be located somewhere in Brazil’s mountainous district behind the city of Fortaleza.

These small silver discs are coming from a civilization located in another galaxy, they essentially function like web-bots using artificial intelligence to move around and survey our planet. They have no particular interest in planet earth and are conducting such surveys of thousands if not millions of planets. Governments around the world, from the US to China, are well aware of these discs and are studying them intensely.

The discs use earthly energy sources such as electrical lines to stay afloat, essentially electro-magnetically ‘surfing’ the planet. The discs also use cloaking technology to stay invisible but this sometimes fails in the event of electrical interference. The discs often show up in photos, particularly digital ones, and this is of great interest to governments ... source

In Brazil an astonishing number of UFO sightings have been reported in the last few weeks. Ufologists are being inundated with emails from confused witnesses searching for answers.

One of the most intriguing sightings occurred in the mountains on the outskirts of the city of Urubici in the State of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil.

On February 13, A Mr Genivaldo Rodrigues was standing outside his car taking a break from driving when he allegedly saw a silver disc zooming towards him. He grabbed his camera which he happened to have on him at the time and snapped a photo. He then saw another disc following the first and managed to capture an image of that too.

When he got back into the car his DVD player stopped working as did his GPS. After driving for a short time his car engine stopped on him twice for no apparent reason: he alleges this hadn’t ever occurred with this car before. He was able to re-set his GPS but his DVD player remains broken.

On March 4 at 4:30pm in Fortaleza in the Northeast of Brazil a Mr Milton Novaes also noticed a strange object in the sky reminiscent of the UFO seen recently in Chita, Siberia. He too managed to get a photo.

The variety of UFOs seen in Brazil is leading some Ufologists to wonder if the area is being targeted by aliens from more than one planet or civilisation. ‘Perhaps Brazil is hosting an inter-galactic conference ‘one ufologist commented.
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