Thursday, June 04, 2009

UFO Filmed over Dundee scotland, 31 May 2009, 02:36:48

Live in Dundee Scotland and seen ufos recently? Please respond to this post.
This ufo was traveling to the north of dundee, This one made no sound and was traveling at a fast pace:
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Anonymous said...

i saw similar light,moving, in what looked to be a north east to south west direction.passing over the Monikie area,north of Dundee at 2330hrs on saturday 30th of May 2009.this object then stopped suddenly,then changed direction,to go north at what seemed (from my position)a great speed.? Was unlike anything that i had ever witnessed before.

grey said...

i live in the falkirk area of scotland and witnessed something like this last saturday around 3o clock in the morning.was with my wife at the time and tho orb or ufo was only 150 ft away from us,if that,it was truly amazing and i have not stopped scanning the skys was travelinh north,mabe 200 ft from the ground and heading towards grangemounth was like a big star in star and shape,the same glow of a normal sky in the night sky.

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