Monday, June 01, 2009

The Ufo Incident at Kelly

You may have not have heard of this one .. it quite old .. its a true story of a rural Kentucky farm family who engages in a gun battle with aliens in 1955. Quite sure this event was related the original CIA scripted movie the day the earth stood still
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Joseph Capp said...

What an excellent post. Great video. The Kelly case was an exercise in class distinction. They were treated like idiots who were drunk or shot at fathoms in their imagination. But closer examination indicates a real incident which could not have been Chimps. Multiple shoot fired and not a trace of what was hit. The idea a family could maintain this hoax is ludicrous. Where they that great at acting...the whole family. We find upon research the floating entities are reported a great deal including recently in 2008. A Farmer happened upon some entities and they seem to be floating. MUFON investigated the case found the man as being credible and found there were cattle mutilations near to that area.
Thanks again for a great find.
Joe Capp
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