Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bell shapped Ufos over Maryland April 5th

As you may know it was only a week ago that mystery lights were seen over Maryland and now these objets were seen in daylight on the 5th of april. 

According to Mufon Report:
Maryland, April 5, 2009 - We saw 3 silver and 1 black bell like objects(right side of the Moon). We saw 3 silver and 1 black bell like objects(right side of the Moon) in the photo taken on 5th April09.  We doubt that this could be an UFO. We want a proper person to investigate this. e've not seen this in naked eye. We've seen this when we were browsing through our snaps:

Note: Credit to finding this article goes to Bevy who details this more in in our forum here.
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Anonymous said...

Moses and the boards of the laws

Anonymous said...

they look like three hersheys kisses and one has been opened.

Anonymous said...

yummmmmy hersheys kisses ,so thats where they come from,,,,
but I see 4 on the blow up...
great phots wonder if they were taking pictures of the moon and didnt know at the time the other objects were in the frame??keep a good video camera on you and next time send in some vids,,,thanks,,

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