Friday, September 10, 2010

Nice triangle Ufo over Rouen France

Large triangle Ufo formation filmed over the city of Rouen France 8th September 2010 at 10 pm.
If you live in the area and also saw this please respond to this post.

Posters comments:

After having consulted (4 people) we saw five of these balls of light orange / white parades, then a formation of 3, or when we trigger the sail, then all alone at the end of file, all that distance aircraft, but a priori higher speed and without sound, it crossed the sky in a straight line and the light were more intense than the leaves appear the video, was not lights projected above the ground but many objects.
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Anonymous said...

how can 5 lights in a different position format a triangle??

Anonymous said...

hopefully the person who posted this video will see this comment.. but just to let you know, i live near L.A., CA and i see the EXACT same thing in my night sky! i see three Extra Terrestial Vehicles that always form a triangle. the same 3 ETVs are in the same general postion every night, and they always move around like little buzzing bees. please wrtie back to me, maybe we can share more.. [email protected]

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