Saturday, September 11, 2010

Object recorded in Hong Kong not a Ufo?

A few websites are circulating a Ufo video from Hong Kong.
I am still confused over this one. Although it does look like its coming from the mobile phone tower , the tower doesn't seem to line up with the side by side images at night. Or maybe it does..?
If someone could provide a translation of this newcast it would be appreciated to clear this up:
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Anonymous said...

you can see clearly in the second movie that it is a reflexion of the streetlight. Just the Iphonre playing tricks.

Anonymous said...

Were they shooting behind glass?

If not, the reflection theory is bullshit.

hong kong ufo said...

at least 5 people on a different locations saw this ufo that night and all 5 of them recorded it...

this is not the only footage that exists

Anonymous said...

Yes, the explanation being given is that it's the streetlight or a reflection of the streetlight. So not a ufo.

Anonymous said...

street light reflection theory is a crock.

quit with the disinformation.

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