Thursday, September 09, 2010

Triangle sightings Sept. 2, 2010 Brandon, MB, Canada

New ufo report in from Brandon Canada.
 If you live in the area and also spotted this sighting please reply to this post with details.

Poster comments

Had my first UFO sighting last week, pretty incredible experience. In the video that was taken there appears to be 3 lights although I saw two lights fly directly over my head, maybe 500-1000ft off the ground. Were these Chinese lanterns? I don't believe so, nor do other witnesses. I believe it's Venus that appears at 1:24 on the right hand side of the vid.
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anthony deacon said...

Not sure if your still active here, but shorty before 11pm friday night I just seen a orange ball of light flying over from the south to the north, it didn't have a trail, make a noise or flash. Just a orange ball flying fast to the north it was pretty incredible, there's now a storm.

Neil, Carrick said...

Dude i saw that light too!!! it was way to close to the city to be a plane. i was a work taking the garbage out at clancy's eatery and drinkery whenm i looked up and saw a huge oval orange light. noone at work will beleive me though lol if you want to talk about this light or anyother around brandon email me at . i beleive that brandon has more to do with ufo's than most ppl want to beleive i have seen many lights flying around just in the last 2 months.

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