Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Solar Obliteration technique - a way to film Ufos ?

Great one here from sightings series back from 1995 looking at the Solar Obliteration technique - a special filming technique that blocks out the sun to see Ufos nearby:
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Anonymous said...

I have tried this, and my conclusion was that what I was seeing was a combination of dust or pollen, but most insects.

Anonymous said...

Solar Obliteration Technique is GREAT....if you're looking for bugs. The show says seeds, dust, and such. Truth be told, a single gnat will glow like the dickens with the proper backlighting (as provided by sunlight such as this). Nothing more here than bugs, a lack of knowledge on the subject, and a good imagination.

Anonymous said...

agreed... total bullshit.

Anonymous said...

If you want to lose your time, do so...

crlwllns said...

Back in 1996, there happened "The 1996 NASA Tether Incident". Now, over 15 years later, They're only about 10,000 feet away!

(All of our 'I Love You's' are as dust, when every thing, beyond our reality, is as dust! Remember this, when some one you love, passes o-v-e-r....)

The Solar Obliteration Technique, was used in the SOHO Space Satellite Programme. (It just wasn't called this.) It's used to be able to SEE, 'around the suns atmosphere without the glare'.

Yet NASA, also can't tell anyone about it's 'esoteric properties', as they can't tell us, about ANY "life, in outer space".

due to ancient religious dogma, that keeps them from saying anything beyond the norm, such as "inter-dimesionality", which many/all of them ARE!

Anyways, "IF, you're properly supplied with the proper equipment", the S.O. Technique, is LEGIT!

For sharp, clear & in full colour, 360 spherical digital images, & most with ufos;

Anonymous said...

I think of 'Solar Obliteration' as the 'StereoGram' of Ufology. Many people can 'hold it right up against their face - yet, not solve it. A successful session with 'S.O.' method is dependant upon quality of equipment, camera angle, and a good telephoto lens. Ignore the bugs and dust ( most are obvious, right up near the sun blocker / awning.

You have to concentrate on what is in the far background of the frame. And 'they' are either 'high-speed' or completely standing still in the footage. If one is very lucky - they might get one of two in a hour.

For those who think is is all 'bullshit' - so what?? It didn't cost you anything. The only point of it is to show the select few who are actually looking that 'the Emperor Wears no clothes.'

The rest of you can go back to your safe little world - where you are the ultimately being in the universe. Anyone that goes into any investigation with a pre-determined conclusion is wasting their time anyway.

But let the 1 in 100 with a mind of their own come to their own conclusions.

I can make a good scientific case for why hummingbirds or bees cannot fly, as well. But you know how that turned out.

'Lack of knowledge on the subject' - well, actually - the opposite is true. I feel sorry for you. You are majorly being @#$%$#'d - and you don't believe it - because the evening news didn't say so.

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