Tuesday, September 07, 2010

2011 The year for disclosure?

Interesting collection of videos put together looking at that pace of Ufo disclosure so far and where its all heading. Although i don't think Ufo disclosure will happen in the USA in our lifetime, other countries around the world are certainly working at some type of disclosure timeline.


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anthony said...

Wasn't it said that this year, 2010was the year for complete disclosure?

Anonymous said...

How can you be so naive???
What does history teach us??? It teaches us that such informations does not come out to the public!

Only if there's a revolution! So, we need global revolution, but the governments keeps us pretty scared and in comfort with internet, FB, technology, so there is actually no need for revolution, becouse no matther what, we live better then anytime before in our known history.

So please, don't get fooled! expecting disclosure is just naive, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

No matter what it just takes one country, scientist group or something of the sort with enough credibility to prove that extraterrestrials exist and have been here for a long time. It doesn't really matter who it is, they just have to have a way to prove it, irrefutable evidence. After that everything will go that way.

It doesn't even have to be a disclosure, it could just happen that "they" will show up and say "here we are!".

My point is that worrying about when "disclosure" will happen is nonsense. There is no really anyway to know that, it could happen tomorrow or in a hundred years!

Brian said...

I was ready to watch, but, umm, they spelled 'disclosure" incorrectly on their title screen!

That's kind of a biggy to miss...

"Mental note...run spell check before finishing documentary"

Anonymous said...

the U.S. Government will never disclose ufo info to the public because they have been making deals with them (e.g. alien greys) since the 1940's if the other governments found out the kind of advancements the usa has got thru alien deals it would tip the balance of power on this planet to greatly and probably start a 3rd world war

Anonymous said...

but it would be nice for a change if something important would come out actually!

Anonymous said...

then what comes if the time frame is accurate that the aliens would ever come to show us earthlings...do we have to invade their territories as we humans is fond of alienating others.

take a look on how history is written...we earthlings are liable and responsible to spread wars, famine and other human tragedies than any other entities. we were thought of being so violent and beyond, look at the world now. even children at present time are glued ot their home televisions to play violent video games... is this the kind of society we would like to present to the other beings outside our world.

i bet that we would learn to accept more humane in the future only we are united to eliminate poverty the root of all evils.

we live in one world and yet the rich countries degraded other countries by calling other countries as third world, developing and industrial world. isnt it is this a true discrimination to the rests of the human population on earth who happen to live in a less fortunate countries...ah human error or simply human ignorance by dividing the world we lived in.

what if aliens come to land at anytime soon in any populated areas to proved the world that indeed they are trully existing in a universe populated with billions of stars...and yet we claimed that we are alone in the universe!


maybe they are more advanced than us, superior beings i bet are there inhabiting other planets.

if NASA would ever discover another civilization beyond our universe would the americans would wage war to colonialize their habitual grounds, or where we go there to claimed that they are not liable to settle in that place and claimed as ours....


Anonymous said...

It's stuff like this that ruins the credibility of the entire movement. A 15min clipshow, laden with typos and bad grammar :(

Zack s. said...

They will come clean. its the way to ensure global unity.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for all of you who think an ET will just pop down and say here we are. It would take a pure genius such as Stephen Hawking or a true psychology master to be able to comprehend and mentally survive seeing an alien.

I do have credible sources, have found credible sources and videos that may depict an ET. But in the end, all such movies end with the ET running or leaving being caught. Simply because we would all fall to the ground as vegetables, or kill it. And that is simply human nature.

Yes, a global revolution led by true people in the possession of proof of ETs is the ONLY way the whole topic would be resolved, disclosed and dealt with in a manor beneficial to the human race.

Honestly, have fun with that. Based on human nature it will never happen. One would have to remove the economic structure of the world for that to be so.

My favorite film is the Watchmen. Simply because at the end when Dr. Manhattan is there with the smartest man in the world, and realizes that the world has just been tricked into global piece, and willingly hands over the world to this man because of the fact of the psychology of human nature. In the end that is that, the only way and that is purely true based on mathematics and how that is incorperated into life or 'the string theory' ect.

I am a believer, I do in fact have sources still within military branches who can confirm ETs, but cannot be disclosed until they are separate.

Spread the word fellas.

FLR said...

all i have to say to "anonymous" or "self-proclaimed genius" is..
If you understand true human nature than most humans do then you surely know how to spell and use our grammar much more correctly than all of us...
You expect us to believe that you know more?
Maybe you do have sources, and if you do, why not reveal them or share your knowledge?
oh, right...Because as humans we have a constant nature of being violence and conquering one another...so you expect us to go and conquer the E.T.'s? You my friend are ignorant...you're sitting there calling us "earthlings" as if you weren't an "earthling", please quit pretending to be far more superior than a race you yourself have originated from.
I bet your words are "backed up" by your unrevealed resources? Quit acting like some sort of area 51 operative....you're alienating yourself from the rest of us who simply want to see an alien or trans-dimensional being....you're no better than any of us sir...oh and if any of us were to see an alien...we really wouldn't faint...as if you know because you've seen an alien...
ignorance and arrogance are human...which you seem to express...fellow human/earthling
By the way I love violent video games, it helps relieve stress and it's also very fun.
Humans have to enjoy their fragile little lives on earth right? So don't attack our hobbies Mr. genius...

Anonymous said...

Take a chill pill dude!

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