Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ufos at the International Airport of Romania

Once again guys the Romanian government is coming forward with more disclosure about ufos - this time about a ufo seen near the International Airport of Romania:

UFO Caught by Airport Surveillance Cam in Romania
This UFO video were not published until "the Guardian" insisted (under the freedom of information act) to have access to the materials. .The newspaper managed to obtain now another record after the one with the Mig21 incident from Gherla.. The images were recorded in the summer of 2004 , they are authentic (provided by the airport authorities) and can be found on www.gardianul.ro
The movie shows a static light , appearing for 30 minutes - light that is apparently moving from time to time.. It could not be an aeroplane prepared to land as the video is longer than 30 minutes.The light seem to remain about the same altitude during the observation time.
Regarding the incident of last year ( the MIG21 incident) , one of the object was ascending and one descending. At least one of they could not be originated (from the ballistic point of view) from Earth. Both objects had irregular shape.
The images presented are not unique . The newspaper managed to access more similar recordings.

The video presented above (with the light) is authentic, and the original is held by the Romanian ministry of Defense , secret services and airport security services.We will also release the making of the examination ( “forensic video”) executed by Catalin Grigoras, from the National institute of forsenic expertise."

The official explanation states that at least of the objects could not be originated from earth. On a special interpolation zooming (1000Xtimes) all the objects seem to spin (trigonometrical direction ) and one of them seem to have a propulsion system Rate this posting:
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

sorry your blog comments are getting saturated with bigotry and b.s. as for the video posting, there is a lack of context (and your insistence that it's "official" or whatnot doesn't help, since it's always out there that the "official" story is a red herring--so logical consistency is a must, if you want to win people over and influence ufos;)) and reference points via other sources. otherwise, keep on keepin' on. but do try to vet your sources--even when they're solid, do try to prove them out for the rest of us. thanks. i'll keep tabs on your site.

we don't know what, but something's going on.

Anonymous said...

So I see that these comments aren't moderated any more. Too bad, this is the kind of sophmoric crap that makes the internet such a moron magnet.

Anonymous said...

thanks all from now on i have to moderate these comments

Anonymous said...

Yea, it's ashame that such a serious situation like UFO's is taken so lightly.
When I was abducted people laughed at me.
Soon though, planet X will destroy the nonbelievers.
Hail Vortex!!!!!!! Lord And Saviour!

Anonymous said...

It is a setting up of Romanian DoD. In case of MIG-21`s also. Bogus. Nothing hits the airplane. Was only a very old cannopy wich was very stressed and broken. Read the point of view of an Romanian high skill ex-pilot of MIG-21 (V.V ) : http://www.rufon.org/forum/index.php/topic,1530.90.html

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