Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trialing New Site Layout - Your Feedback Appreciated!

Hi all,
We are trialling a new header and layout on the RealUFOs site at the moment and would love to know what you think? There will be a few changes as work progresses over the coming days and
the team would like to hear from our readers on what you think could be improved on the site, and how  it loads for you, especially on your mobile devices? Any issues viewing on your tablet, Iphone, Samsung/Android or your Windows 8 phone? Any suggestions or feedback?

I would like to thank our new editor who is working hard to improve our posts, including the grammar, comments and daily submissions and also reviews emails from our readers worldwide.
Also just a quick note that our submission form for UFO news and videos has now finally been updated as of today.
I apologise as it's been down for a while, so many people have been frustrated trying to email us their sightings and video links.
Remember when you submit your news and videos to us you help continue to make RealUFOs great!
7 Years running and still going strong!
P.S as always keep your eyes to the skies!
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Anonymous said...

I like it!
It's clearer and the new header is cool!

MLZ123 said...

Long time viewer of your site, and i must say i really like your new layout! Also, i got loads of documentaries that you could post here (long and short ones down to 5 mins). If you want the links/are intressed in it, then mail me at [email protected] and ill provide you with all the links and/or even download locations on the internet.

I really like your new header btw! It's great! :)

Anonymous said...

Other than the header photo being the thoroughly discredited Belgian Petit Rechain picture, I think it looks good.

Anonymous said...

Like the new look, it's more pleasing to the eye.

Nemesis said...

Nothing like a bit of color to liven up a blog site. It's good!

I note quite a few of the posts are taken at night, many by hand held devices and at a distance where clarity and depth of image is almost impossible to ascertain and is countering the ability to identify what the person/s is/are actually witnessing.

Maybe suggest to the witness and to future witnesses, that if holding a hand held device to record an image, especially a moving one, to place the hand with the device in it against an immovable object so as to steady the hand to gain a clearer and less jerky image.

Anonymous said...

I've got to say,IT JUMPED OUT AT ME
not expecting it!?:)

First thought....thats cool!! Am I on the right page? well of cause I am! what a pleasant & interesting surprise, and REALCOOL Matt!!

On the top-left,the replacement of the disc,with the well known night shot, photo of the underside of the disc,is rather fitting, when it comes to "lights" in the night sky that CAN be seen as,RealUfos.

The choice in the "tone of color" for highlighting the page,is easier
on the eye, for a quicker response
particularly, when scrolling to the depths of a page:) and this really complements the entire page!
Its amazing how the choice of colors, can make a page look more inviting, with that professional look about it.

But for example, though! some sites I have visited, use "RED" I mean BLOOD RED!? how on earth can anyone read this stuff?? I don't even try to!!

But all and all, your sight look great!!!The time it takes to load, is about the same, I would say!

All I've to do now, is to become accustomed to the new look, and thats not a problem now, but you had us going there for a bit')

Am I on the right page?Hahaha!...?

Anonymous said...

definitely an improvement, looks good!

Anonymous said...

definitely an improvement, looks good!

Anonymous said...

definitely an improvement, looks good!

Anonymous said...

Great new layout! Brighter, more air--looking forward to the other chnges you have in store. It loads faster too, always a welcome plus. Thanks, Matt--

sp said...

Looks good but am still having problems with posts not having video links that I think are supposed to. keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

cool new STYLE! like it!

greets kreator

Bathtub said...

It's a huge improvement - much clearer and very easy on the eye. I also think you should drop the Belgian triangle craft pic, given that the person who took it has admitted it's not a 'real ufo' at all.

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