Saturday, February 10, 2007

Archway UFO cluster UK

WE HAVE extraordinary video footage giving first-hand evidence of the Archway UFO phenomenon which brought the area to a standstill.Here's YOUR chance to decide whether aliens were actually hovering over Archway - or whether there was a more innocent explanation.Amateur camerman John Zimmerman, of Bredgar Road, Archway, filmed the spectacle from a vantage point in Holloway Road.The "squadron" of around 15 orange lights spread panic among passers-by who witnessed it at around 5.30pm on January 31.People screamed - some fearing it was a terrorist attack. Police received 999 calls within minutes.The lights moved in a southerly direction then hovered above Archway before disappearing and appearing again. The eerie display lasted about 10 minutes.Mr Zimmerman, 50, said: "I was watching from Holloway Road. I realised I had my camera and started filming. They moved steadily and slowly, all at the same speed."Experts from the Royal Astronomical Society and Met Office weather centre were at a loss to explain the lights.UFO sceptics insist it was no more than a group of "sky lanterns" or "UFO balloons" - one-off miniature hot air balloons.But all the eyewitnesses who contacted us are adamant the lights were NOT lanterns - because of the way that they moved.Designer James Zafar, from Palace Road, Crouch End, who witnessed the scene from Bredgar Road, said: "It is something I can't explain but I'm sure it wasn't lanterns."Now YOU can judge for yourself... watch the film clip by clicking below.
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Anonymous said...

I think they were miniature balloons

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