Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth and climate change and climate myths

Just a break from the usual ufo posts,
Just came back from the live earth concert here in sydney and it hit me how this is a real concern and is impacting on us now.
I know some of you are skeptical about climate change being caused by humans (thanks to a recent contraversial video) - but the solar theory has recently been discredited (read here)(. Its obvious that 100 years of gas and carbon emissions by humans on such a grand scale has contributed to global warming and resulting climate change.
If you have time, watch the live earth concerts here and please pledge your concern

See Madonna's new video about climate change ' Hey You '

Call to action - global warming and climate change:
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Anonymous said...

Fat Al wants his Nobel Peace prize.

And just to be sure, he's organising an all you can eat buffet to raise awareness for the starving minions, err, I mean millions.

In 20 years time I can imagine people saying in their best Homer Simpson voice,
"And YOU went to a Live Earth concert!" :)

A nice UFO site, thanks for the effort you put in.

Anonymous said...

your profile only as ufo site is interesting. i do not hope you make a second site now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,that Madonna video really made me think....(about popstars private jets and massive companys chugging out fumes just to sponser this pointless event!)
I find the whole thing patronising and just a platform for crap musicians to sell records so they can buy more cars,planes and boats to polute the environment even more.

Anonymous said...

It's not Global Warming...

It's Solar Warming!

Nothing WE can do anything about it.

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