Monday, August 13, 2007

Haiti ufos and Dominican Republic ufo Videos - Analysis & likely Conclusion - its a CGI !

The Haiti ufo video analysis:

As you may know the Haiti ufo clips viewed here (pt1) and here (pt2) have caused a stir over the Internet. I like most people think its most likely a CGI (computer generated) or viral video for a campaign like Ps3 or Xbox.
Unfortunately, with improvements in computer graphics (as seen in recent movies such as transformers) the line between fake and real ufo videos is getting harder and harder to tell and so many people are being duped by such videos. Often such videos are part of games software 'viral campaign' to indirectly promote an upcoming new release or the work of a gifted but bored CGI student.

In determining whether such videos are fakes, one important fact remains - when there is a major real ufo sighting like this one there should be multiple sightings by many people, and with the advent of mobile phone cameras, many people should be able to record and report such sightings - and again this did not happen with the Hati ufo sighting. In addition over the last few months there seems to be a trend of elaborate fake CGi ufo videos appearing such as the caret drones and the italian navy ufo and often these clips are short and come from one source. The shortness of these clips indictate that the footage has been highly edited on a 'frame to frame' basis.
Unfortunately the sad thing about CGI ufo videos is that they draw attention away from the real phenomenon where the focus should be, but i will make sure this doesn't happen on this blog guys! Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

IMO is the "same palm tree" prof weak because it could be the same kind of palm tree, because Haiti and Dominican Republic is in the same part of the world.

I dont see anything wrong in the gasp. I did that when I saw a ufo a year ago. That was really the first thing that came out of my mouth.

A funny thing is that a clear video like this is instantly called fake, when the more blurry videos is mostly called real.

But personlly I also think that the video is fake because its too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

Ok if you think this is CGI check my blog i did little Video search & find those video....what you think

Anonymous said...

You also need to think out of box B4 too because you dnt loook deep in this event ...

Anonymous said...

of course it fake omg how can someone even think it could be real! loof at the ufos

Anonymous said...


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