Thursday, November 22, 2007

UFO orb fleet over San Francisco Bay 18th November 2007

UFO orb fleet over San Francisco Bay 18th November 2007
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Virtually Lucid said...

I'm not saying these are birds, but this looks exactly like the birds that feed above the Luxor hotel's light beam at night in Las Vegas. The first time I saw them, I raced my car to the scene to see what it was. Turned out to be birds circling in a very similar pattern to these objects. If you watch this video carefully, you will note that the brightness of an object increases at the right and left sides of the circling (from the camera's POV) which would be the correct lighting of seagulls circling in nearly horizontal sunlight, as more of their reflective surface (white feathers) are exposed to the direct light than when they are on the far and close sides and thus have a narrower profile and backlighting. Again, not saying they are definitively birds, but that's what it looks like to me.

Anonymous said...

These "birds" glow. How can a bird do that?

If those things are "birds". They are sure flying fast.

virtually lucid said...

Well, the moon "Glows", too. At least it seems to glow. Really, it just reflects sunlight and because it is whitish in color it does that very well. So do white birds. This video is at twilight and the sun is low at the horizon. The speed of the objects in the video can be really fast if very far away and larger, or it can be not as fast if they are much closer and smaller. But, again, I'm not saying that's what they are for sure. It's just that I've personally seen what looked to be luminous object (hundreds) that moved exactly like these in Las Vegas several times, and those turned out to be common pigeons circling in the Luxor beam (a strong light), so I know from experience that birds circling in strong light can appear to glow.

virtually lucid said...

Okay, so I finally found a video demonstrating the phenomenon of birds reflecting light that I am talking about. It is filmed in Las Vegas, at the Luxor Hotel, and is exactly what I saw. Originally I saw this from my old home miles away and drove in my car (raced, actually) to see the UFOs. I was amused at myself when I arrived at the base of the Luxor and saw that it was pigeons eating bugs that were attracted to the light of the Luxor, and not UFOs. I was also amused that the person posting this video calls these "UFO Orbs", the same mistake I made until I was close enough to see they were, indeed, birds.

Here's the vid.

Just cut and paste.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those birds are attracted to the light

What are "birds" in then San Franisco video attracted to then? You never see the moon in the video.

Imo the things are flying too high to be birds.

virtually lucid said...

The objects in the San Francisco video are not as high as you might think. Note that some of them pass between the camera and the buildings at the far side of the bay. That means that they are much smaller than buildings, and flying anywhere from half the size of the buildings to twice the height of buildings. Birds, especially gulls, fly that high, in circles, over the bay, frequently.

Pam lanza said...

We also saw a UFO-like object after Thanksgiving dinner (11/22 around sunset) at the Cliff House. I could e-mail photos but not sure of an e-mail address. Mine is [email protected].

Anonymous said...

To say these objects are birds in this video is a very bad analysis. This video shows the objects in front and behind the buildings so you now have a ground based objects to measure distance and speed. The objects cover far to much ground in a short amount of time to be birds and some enter the dense fog and are still visible threw it showing they have there own light source. This video has all the objects you need and more to measure even the size of the objects. I live in an area where I get to see dense fog and lots of birds over a bay just like this all my life and have never seen this type presentation of reflections from birds. It is what it is! Orbs over the city at dawn.

pjrsullivan said...

The Extraterrestrials are most likely "Marking" something for us to consider, in San Francisco.

The nuclear "Trigger" has been pulled on us all, several times over the decades.

"ET" may be showing us where to look to find the active Trigger pulling members of our nuclear war fighting elite.

We are the "Living Dead."

This is why the presence of the "ET" remain such a 'Touchy' subject still classified "Above top Secret."


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