Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wake up CNN & the media - Public perception about Ufos has drastically changed - we're not fools anymore - tell us more of what we want to know !

After reading the below article I was all fired up and had to write this post! I have to say the recent Larry king special on Ufos although interesting, was again a reflection of how out of touch the 'old media' is with what people want to hear. I mean here we had the ideal opportuntiy to discuss the signficance of new amazing Ufo sightings, but yet again we have to be dragged back by some skeptic to into the dark ages! The core issue the media needs to get here is that times have changed - public perception about ufos has evolved drastically and with it people expect a different approach from the media. Its no longer the 90's guys, people can see thousands of genuine ufo sightings themselves on websites like youtube - so in this way the 'wool can no longer be kept over the public's eyes', so to say. This means the convincing issue is passe - and we shouldn't have to debate real or fake anymore (a recent 2007 poll by Harris Interactive found over 35 percent of Americans say they already believe in UFOs!).

The general public concensus on ufos has shifted from 'are they real?' now to 'what are they?', so its time for the media to pick up on this by looking into the significance of new sightings, not challenging the idea. So CNN and reporters please wake up and target your broader audience correctly - they want to hear something different from now on!

The article:
Friday night, for the third time in six months, Larry King went to the formula again on CNN: nutty graphics, a panel of nongovernment experts, eyewitnesses being dismissed by a designated skeptic, and a silly logo that asks something like, “Do You Believe in UFOs?” As if belief were a prerequisite to legitimacy.

This is fun entertainment, maybe, but it’s not news. News is stuff like this:
Get a real live Air Force spokesman to explain what Brig. Gen. C.H. Bolender, USAF deputy director of development, meant in 1969 when he wrote: “Reports of unidentified flying objects which could affect national security are made in accordance with JANAP 146 or Air Force Manual 55-11, and are not part of the Blue Book system.”

Get that person to explain why, if the USAF isn’t investigating UFOs anymore, they’re itemized as potential national security threats under Communication Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings. In the 1995 edition of Manual 10-206, for instance, you can find references in Chapter 5.7.3 of the Air Force Operational Reporting System.

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Anonymous said...

Applause to you! I am so sick of the mass media going over all the old data. I graduated kindergarten and don't wish to go back there. It is so insulting. Yes, lets move forward.

Thanks for post and please keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's more UFO talk because of China, India, and Japan moving forward with their space efforts, America realizes they're going to start seeing mysterious things as well, making it more and more difficult to contain.

Sardo said...

It's possible that the pilots of these craft have their own agenda of disclosure and/or contact that our government is aware of and powerless against. Wouldn't that be cool.
Have you ever really wondered just how it would be to actually meet someone from somewhere else? We live in very exciting times!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of your blog. I check it almost hourly if not daily when I'm at work. I to am tired of the media not treating this more seriously, instead they put on both sides to "duke it out" and all involved look silly. Instead can't they go out and really do what the do best? which is pester people for answers.. instead we hear about britney and her *WHO CARES* life. I'm glad there are sites like this that people can turn to when our media fails us.

Anonymous said...

Bush: go ranch! resign now !

my intials really are ET said...

The most amazing, fascinating news story of '08 and it hardly gets a second glance. I'm glad Larry King did the show, although he did spoil it with cartoon UFO's and that goof who refused to listen to the eyewitnesses, and all he could say was "you are not a trained observer". I've never considered myself interested in the subject of UFO's until now, and that goof ball convinced me to find out more. People are smarter than he'd like to think. Kudos to eyewitnesses that have the fortitude to admit they've seen something! The more we talk about it the more governments will have to listen.

IsraeliSkeptic said...

I don't agree with you.
I believe we should always consider the skeptic point of view (though, a better skeptic than the one on Larry King would be a good idea). It can make our points, examples and arguments stronger.
There are some cases, the Rendlesham forest for example, that cannot be rationally explained by skeptics, and they are more beneficial for our UFO disclosure efforts, than some stationary lights over phoenix.

Disclaimer: I'm a skeptic who believe that UFOs may have visited earth. I do not believe that UFOs turn on their lights just to let us see them more clearly at night, but choose not to take any further steps to make their presence here more substantial.

Anonymous said...

I know that it would be hard to believe but I feel that many people prefer the lie over the truth because in reality the truth is far more fantastic than the lie. It would mean that their whole lives have been based on a lie, it would also mean that being a consumer would not be as important as it is now. Many people who are in power and profit immensely off of the dysfunction it has created in the world would find the world they created in the 1900s slipping away from them.
Most people don't realize that the credit card and just credit in general is a new and improved from of indent cent servant and yes slavery. Once people are in debt there will be nothing else they can think of. When most pray its to keep their heads above water, its easy to see why there has not been much effort to get to the real truth of who we are and what we are really apart of. They,government and corporations, also use methods of fear as well as divide and conquer which keep many people in fear of their neighbors or just humans that are different from themselves. It also prevents people from sharing ideas instead most turn to the networks that are owned by the corporations that want to keep us consuming like greedy hogs at the trough.
We entrust our lives to people who have no other interest but to keep us asleep and consuming. They feed us the food that makes us sick then make the medicines that makes us well while the side affects could make us sicker or worse even cause death yet there is no hesitation to take the medication, why, because they said it good for me. Why is it that we trust people we will never see but yet we live in fear of those around us.
People have to ask question it does not take a lot of effort to find the truth its all around us and it worth digging for.
Remember all this stuff. like expensive homes several cars you labor and suffer for is a part of this world it does not go with you and yet a whole lifetime can pass focused on those things.
Its time for us to reclaim our place in the universe and its not by looking outside of ourselves but inside because the end of the day that is where the key to our freedom exist and it can only be extracted by our own efforts to see the real truth.
I feel that since I have been on this journey I see the whole world in a way I could never have imagined. I wake up each day in total aw that I even exist. The gift of life only becomes a gift when we realize it. Its sort of hard to realize anything about ourselves in this current environment.
Most will never realize that they are apart of something so much greater. But in order to have that realization one much understand and except their responsibility in being a part of this world. You have the power to decide what kind of energy you put into this world.
Just remember to look up and when you do take a moment and understand that you our planet all of us are apart of that vast out there.
It would be arrogant to think we are the most intelligent advanced thing out there.
We too could be a petri dish experiment. Its foolish to think other wise.

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