Friday, January 25, 2008

Now a Man Claims To Have genuine Video Of UFO over stephenville !

As explained in my previous post the military now says it was training over Stephenville the night dozens of people reported seeing UFOs. However now a video surfaced yesterday of the sighting.
The man who captured the UFO handed the video over to Seven Allen, a private pilot

Click here to watch the footage

Also not how the ufo seems squiggly - this is actually because it is moving at an extreemly fast speed, not changing shape - so fast infact it can appear in multiple positions on one frame of film - thus the squiggly effect.
I like how Allen mentions "It's terrible they can't keep track of ten F-16s better than that. I can tell you where my dog is at the moment" - it makes you think doesn't it? I'm sure they knew exactly what their planes were doing that night! Rate this posting:


Rosie said...

If you check the videos on Fox news @
Bill O'reilly calls the UFO witnesses he had on his show, 'Patriots' for telling the truth.

LEAX said...

neon snake on a rope :D

Anonymous said...

To rosie:

"Bill O'reilly calls the UFO witnesses he had on his show, 'Patriots' for telling the truth."

Are you kidding? Seriously?


are you joking?... because that would signify a big change in the behaviour and mentality, regarding the UFO subject, in mainstream media.

Mainstream media usually spins this kind of news and has no shame in making the people involved look like utter fools.

Rosie said...

Seriously. Mr. O'Reilly has no qualms about ridiculing people, so I was especially suprised.
Here is the website.

Scroll down to his video section on 'patriots or pinheads.'There is also another video at the top of the page with two of the Stephenville witnesses. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's being a patronizing Twat !

Rosie said...

Yah, in the first interview from Monday he was definitely patronizing, but in the second video, after the military admission, he seems to be showing a good amount of respect for their honesty.

Anonymous said...

if any of you have seen the disclosure project... the only woman in there says the next threat the government of the usa is going to give its people is an alien threat after the global warming... so i think some of this news-frenzy is due to the military agenda.... this is just my thaughts. // an outside watcer...

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