Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Satellite that may fall to earth soon

Just some warning about the 5 tonne satellite that is coming done - not on my house thanks!

The US military is developing contingency plans for a large spy satellite which could hit North America when it falls to Earth in late February or early March.
Air Force General Gene Renuart, who heads of US Northern Command, said the size of the satellite suggested some pieces would not burn up as it re-entered the atmosphere, and would hit the ground.

"... we know there is at least some percentage (of the satellite) that could land on ground as opposed to in the water," Renuart said.The spy satellite was launched in December 2006 but almost immediately lost power and cannot be controlled.It carries a sophisticated and secret imaging sensor but the satellite's central computer failed shortly after launch, a US official said. Renuart said it appeared the satellite might re-enter "into the North American area". Rate this posting:

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Mikoratee said...

I better watch where i'm going...

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