Saturday, January 26, 2008

Video of the UFO over stephenville, the military wants you to believe this is a F16 - As IF !

I find it strange how the military statement about the two F16's came out just the day before this footage was released - so now we meant to believe the ufo below was just a f16? - i don't think so. The military probably knew that footage would eventuate so when it did (2 weeks later!) they changed their story to say it was them rather than some ufo - i mean do they think we are complete fools? - Its more likely the two F16's were tracing this object later on as reported by many witnesses:

Also remember guys the military said that there were no aircraft there originally (below interview) - only to change their story 2 weeks later. I mean how can they have lost track of the where-abouts 10 multi million dollar F16's ? Something smells fishy here guys:
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Anonymous said...

They talked about massive destruction weapons in Iraq. They deny the undeniable from long time....Rosewell.
Area 51.....They think we're stupids......

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day.. Roswell isn't fact. It's not fiction either. It's unknown. So.. it could go either way.

At the end of the day, this WHOLE UFO thing COULD be a cultural myth.

Or it could be true.

I hope it's true.

IsraeliSkeptic said...

I find this video very suspicious -
Why has this video surfaced only two weeks after the sightings?
Why is it nothing like the object described in those sightings (number of lights reconfiguring themselves)?

Moreover, this video lasts only a few seconds and it lacks any visual reference point (no tree, star or something in the background). My bet - somebody filmed a led light and wobbled the camera doing so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we think you're "stupids" because of your bad grammar and spelling. Illiteracy is a terrible thing.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love people who are constantly saying "at the end of the day". It's kinda like those that say "you know" in every sentence.

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