Thursday, March 13, 2008

Orange UFO Over France

Orange UFO Over France - very interesting - what do you guys think?
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Anonymous said...

It appears to break into 5 pieces towards the end.
Very neat.

Anonymous said...

hum .. Beats the hell out of me ...

Anonymous said...

I would cut hands off these shaking people. Why nobody bothers how to shoot steady pictures?

Anonymous said...

Don't you hear the wind??? (answer to the previous comment)

LEAX said...

the quality of this vid is crappy .. i dont even know what am i looking in that vid .. horizont ? sky ? what ?

Christian Macé said...


This video is not in France, but in Poland, near the village of Piaski ! It was the august 20, 2003 : 8,30 pm-8,36 pm !

It is on my blog :


Christian Macé
French Riviera

Chay said...


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