Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pin-Point UFO reports now via google earth maps

Hey guys, just thought i would share this with you: I found this interesting site - It links up UFO reports with locations across google earth. So now you can easily locate ufo reports to spots on the map of the globe ! Infact, you can pin point reports from the national ufo reporting centre across locations all around the earth dating back to 1860!
I have added the handy ufo reporting gadget to my ufo news feed on the right if you guys want to check it (for some reason they haven't updated the 2008 reported sightings yet)
Or you can also use it in conjunction with google earth :
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1 comment:

Lich said...

Yes it should be updated, forward and backward, i mean how they miss July 1947 New Mexico (Roswell)

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